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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Knockout Stage

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Knockout Stage

The Women’s World Cup 2023 knockout stage is the second and last round of the contest after the group stage battles.

On 5 August, the round of 16 will kick off, igniting the flames of competition among the top sixteen teams. With the grand final match held on 20 August, all eyes turn to the magnificent Stadium Australia in Sydney, where history will be written.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Knockout Stage


Teams face tough battles in the tournament’s knockout stage to progress to the next round. Suppose the scores are equal when a match ends after 90 minutes of regular play. Then teams get extra time to play for the final result.

Extra time consists of two 15-minute periods, during which both teams can break the deadlock and secure victory. The requirement for a sixth substitution makes extra time even more intriguing, offering teams a chance to inject fresh energy into their gameplay. 

But, if the match remains unresolved even after the extra time, then the winner is determined by the penalty shoot-out.

Round 16 Schedule

Date Match Venue Local Time
5-Aug Group A Winner vs. Group C Runner-up Eden Park 17:00
5-Aug Group C Winner vs. Group A Runner-up  Wellington Stadium 20:00
6-Aug Group E Winner vs. Group G Runner-up Sydney Stadium 12:00
6-Aug Group G Winner vs. Group E Runner-up Melbourne Stadium 19:00
7-Aug Group D Winner vs. Group B Runner-up  Lang Park 17:30
7-Aug Group B Winner vs. Group D Runner-up Stadium Australia 20:30
8-Aug Group F Winner  vs. Group H Runner-up Melbourne Stadium 18:00
8-Aug Group H Winner  vs. Group F Runner-up  Hindmarsh Stadium 20:30

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Quarter-Finals Schedule

Date Match Venue Local Time
11-Aug Winner M49 vs Winner M51 Wellington Stadium 21:00
11-Aug Winner M50 vs Winner M52 Eden Park 21:00
12-Aug Winner M53 vs Winner M55 Lang Park 15:00
12-Aug Winner M54 vs Winner M56 Stadium Australia 18:30

Semi-Finals Schedule

Date Match Venue Local Time
15-Aug Winner M57 vs Winner M58 Eden Park 21:00
16-Aug Winner M59 vs Winner M60 Stadium Australia 21:00

3rd-Place Play-Off Schedule

Date Match Venue Time
19-Aug Loser M61 vs Loser M62 Lang Park 18:00

Final Match Schedule

Date Match Venue Time
20-Aug Winner M61 vs Winner M62 Stadium Australia 20:00
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