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FIFA U-17 World Cup Schedule

2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup Schedule

The FIFA U-17 World Cup is an international soccer competition contested by the under-17 National Teams of the member associations of FIFA, the sport’s global governing body. Here, you can find the complete 2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup schedule.

The 2023 edition of the tournament will be the 19th U-17 World Cup and will be held in Indonesia from 10 November to 2 December 2023.

2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup Group Teams

Pool AMorocco, Ecuador, Indonesia, and Panama.
Pool BUzbekistan, Canada, Mali, and Spain.
Pool CEngland, Iran, Brazil, and New Caledonia.
Pool DSenegal, Poland, Japan, and Argentina.
Pool EUSA, Burkina Faso, France, and South Korea.
Pool FVenezuela, Mexico, New Zealand, and Germany.

2023 FIFA U-17 World Cup Schedule

The group stage of the FIFA U-17 World Cup will be played from 10 to 20 November. The knockout stage will be played from 22 November to 2 December.

The schedule for the group stage is as follows:

10-11-23Panama vs Morocco4 a.m.
10-11-23Mali vs Uzbekistan4 a.m.
10-11-23Indonesia vs Ecuador7 a.m.
10-11-23Spain vs Canada7 a.m.
11-11-23New Caledonia vs England4 a.m.
11-11-23Japan vs Poland4 a.m.
11-11-23Argentina vs Senegal7 a.m.
11-11-23Brazil vs Iran7 a.m.
12-11-23France vs Burkina Faso4 a.m.
12-11-23Venezuela vs New Zealand4 a.m.
12-11-23South Korea vs United States7 a.m.
12-11-23Mexico vs Germany7 a.m.
13-11-23Spain vs Mali4 a.m.
13-11-23Morocco vs Ecuador4 a.m.
13-11-23Uzbekistan vs Canada7 a.m.
13-11-23Indonesia vs Panama7 a.m.
14-11-23Brazil vs New Caledonia4 a.m.
14-11-23Senegal vs Poland4 a.m.
14-11-23England vs Iran7 a.m.
14-11-23Japan vs Argentina7 a.m.
15-11-23USA vs Burkina Faso4 a.m.
15-11-23Mexico vs. Venezuela4 a.m.
15-11-23France vs South Korea7 a.m.
15-11-23New Zealand vs Germany7 a.m.
16-11-23Uzbekistan vs Spain4 a.m.
16-11-23Canada vs Mali4 a.m.
16-11-23Ecuador vs Panama7 a.m.
16-11-23Morocco vs Indonesia7 a.m.
17-11-23Poland vs Argentina4 a.m.
17-11-23Senegal vs Japan4 a.m.
17-11-23England vs Brazil7 a.m.
17-11-23Iran vs New Caledonia7 a.m.
18-11-23Germany vs Venezuela4 a.m.
18-11-23New Zealand vs Mexico4 a.m.
18-11-23United States vs France7 a.m.
18-11-23Burkina Faso vs South Korea7 a.m.

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Round of 16

20-11-232A vs 2C3:30 a.m.
20-11-231B vs 3A/C/D7 a.m.
21-11-231F vs 2E3:30 a.m.
21-11-232B vs 2F3:30 a.m.
21-11-231D vs 3B/E/F7 a.m.
21-11-231A vs 3C/D/E7 a.m.
22-11-231C vs 3A/B/F3:30 a.m.
22-11-231E vs 2D7 a.m.


24-11-23W38 vs W443:30 a.m.
24-11-23W37 vs W407 a.m.
25-11-23W39 vs W423:30 a.m.
25-11-23W43 vs W417 a.m.


28-11-23W46 vs W453:30 a.m.
28-11-23W47 vs W487 a.m.

3rd-Place Match

01-12-23TBC7 a.m.


02-12-23TBC7 a.m.

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