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FIFA Club World Cup Prize Money 2023

FIFA Club World Cup Prize Money 2023

The FIFA Club World Cup 2023, which will take place in February, will name the world’s top club. The 7 teams, though, have a chance to take home more than simply a trophy.

The event, a global duel in Morocco, features the continents’ club champions. Each team has a chance to leave the competition having faced some of the most illustrious challengers, while also taking some big cash from FIFA with them.

In the below section, we have discussed the FIFA Club World Cup prize money 2023, and how much total prize money will be distributed among the teams.

FIFA Club World Cup Prize Money 2023

As with the previous year, the winner will earn $5 million in prize money. The runners-up team also earns a nice amount of $4 million. While 3rd place team gets $2.5 million & the 4th position team will get $2 million.

The teams losing in the quarterfinals will each receive $1 million. While the team beaten in the first-round game will receive $500k.

Position Prize Money Prize Money 2022
Winner $5m $5m
Runner-Up $4m $4m
3rd Place $2.5m $2.5m
4th Place $2m $2m
5th & 6th Place $1m $1.5m
7th Place $500k $500k

FIFA Club World Cup Prize Money 2022

The distribution is the same as it was for the previous competition. The only modification happened in the 5th position. where the last time prize was $1.5 million, but this time $500k reduces from the total prize.

In the 2022 season, the winning team took $5 million into their pocket and the runners-up team get $4 million. In the third-place game, Al Ahly beat Al Hilal to earn $2.5 million. 

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A 5th-position match was included in the tournament of the 2022 iteration. But, This will not be playing in the 2023 competition. The 5th place took $1.5 million, while the 6th place won $1 million. In the 2023 season, 5th & 6th place teams will each receive $1 million.

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