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List of the Female FIFA Player of the Year

Female FIFA Player of the Year

Soccer is a sport loved by millions across the globe, and the FIFA Player of the Year award is one of the most important awards a footballer can receive. This article will explore who has received a Female FIFA Player of the Year award.

The Women FIFA Player of the Year award was first introduced in 2001 to recognize the triumphs of women footballers. This award highlighted the growing talent in women’s football.

In the early years of the award, the winners were dominated by players from the United States and Germany. Notable players like Mia Hamm, Abby Wambach, and Birgit Prinz won this award and were honored with multiple wins during this period.

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List of the Female FIFA Player of the Year

SpainAlexia Putellas2022
SpainAlexia Putellas2021
EnglandLucy Bronze2020
USAMegan Rapinoe2019
NetherlandsLieke Martens2017
USACarli Lloyd2016
USACarli Lloyd2015
GermanyNadine Keßler2014
GermanyNadine Angerer2013
USAAbby Wambach2012
JapanHomare Sawa2011
GermanyBirgit Prinz2005
GermanyBirgit Prinz2004
GermanyBirgit Prinz2003
USAMia Hamm2002
USAMia Hamm2001


The FIFA Player of the Year award for females is evidence of female footballers’ remarkable talent, dedication, and passion. It has not only celebrated the best players in the world but also catalyzed the growth of women’s football and empowered women in sports.

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