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ICC Cricket World Cup Prize Money 2023 Breakdown

ICC Cricket World Cup Prize Money

In cricket, the ICC Cricket World Cup stands out as the epitome of excellence and competition. As we eagerly wait for the 13th edition of this men’s ODI tournament, all eyes are set on India, the host.

But what truly captures the attention of players and fans alike is the prize money of $10 million for the event. Let’s delve into the CWC Prize money and how it’s distributed among the deserving teams.

ICC Cricket World Cup Prize Money 2023

The Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 prize money is the same as the previous edition distributed. The total $10 million payout will be split this year among the teams.

Winner1$4 million$4 million
Runners-Up1$2 million$2 million
Semi-Finalists2$800k each$1.6 million
Each League Stage Match45$40k each$1.8 million
Teams Pass the League Stage6$100k each$600k
Total$10 million

Winners & Runner-Up Payout

The Cricket World Cup winners will be awarded a handsome payout of $4 million with a trophy. While the runner-up team will fill their pockets with a significant amount of $2 million.

Prize for Semi-Finalists

Each semi-finalist will grab a nice payout of $800k from the total purse of $10 million. It’s a token of respect for their skill and a reminder that they came close to the pinnacle.

Every Effort Counts: $100,000 for Each League Stage Team

The tournament’s purse structure rewards each team participating in the league stage with $100k. Each winning team in a league stage match will be awarded $40k. The $600k payout is set for six teams who will pass the League Stage.

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ICC CWC Prize Money 2019

RankPayoutTotal Purse
Winner$4 million$4 million
Runner-up$2 million$2 million
Semi-Finalist$ 800k$ 1.6 million
Winner of Each League Stage Match$ 40k$1.8 million
Teams Pass the League Stage$ 100k$ 600k
Total Payout$10 million

Cricket World Cup Prize Money History

YearTotal Payout
2023$10 million
2019$10 million
2015$10 million
2011$3 million
2007$1.6 million
2003$5 million 
1999$1 million 

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