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Chile Open Prize Money 2023

Chile Open Prize Money

This is the 25th season is being held in Santiago, Chile. The Chile Open is an ATP 250 tour that will start on 27 Feb and end on 5 Mar 2023.  The court’s surface is made of clay. Due to its sponsorship, it is also called the Movistar Chile Open.

Felipe Meligeni Alves & Rafael Matos are the previous doubles edition champions. While Pedro Martnez is the 2022 singles edition winner. The prize money of Movistar Chile Open for the 2023 season has been announced.

Chile Open Prize Money 2023

The payout for the 2023 Chile Open has been increased from $475k to $642k. The prize share in 2023 increased by 4.87% as compared to the previous season.

The Single round winner of the tournament will take a $97k prize share. The prize share of the champion has grown 91.5% as compared to the previous winners’ payout.

The single-round runner-up will get a share of $57k from the total payout. The 3rd-place single player will receive a $33k payout.

Standings Singles Prize Doubles Prize
Winners $97,760 $33,960
Runner-ups $57,025 $18,170
Semi-Finalist $33,525 $10,660
Quarter Finalist $19,425 $5,950
Round of 16 $11,280 $3,510
Round of 32 $6,895
Qualifiers Round 2 $3,445
Qualifiers Round 1 $1,880
Total Prize Money $642k

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The doubles competition winners will take $33k prize money into their pockets. The doubles round runners-up will receive an $18 payout from the total prize share. While the doubles semi-finalist will get a $10k prize share.

Chile Open Payout 2022

Standings Single Prize Doubles Prize
Winner $51,045 $18,100
Runner Up $35,735 $13,000
Semi-Final $23,660 $8,340
Quarter Final $15,780 $5,570
Round 2 $10,210 $3,250
Round 1 $5,570
Q2 $2,785
Q1 $1,390

Chile Open Prize Money History

Year Prize Money
2023 $642k
2022 $475k
2021 $500k
2020 $604k
2019 $550k
2018 $516k
2017 $455k
2016 $436k
2015 $444k
2014 $474k
2013 $455k
2012 $475k
2011 $470k
2010 $442k
2009 $505k
2008 $460k
2007 $431k
2006 $355k
2005 $355k
2004 $355k
2003 $355k
2002 $546k
2001 $375k

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