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WTA Akron Merida Open Prize Money 2023

WTA Akron Merida Open Prize Money

Merida Open is the forthcoming tournament as part of Ladies WTA 250. This is the first season of the Merida Open will take place in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico. The Merida Open starts on 20 Feb, and the final match will play on 26 Feb 2023.

The first season of the Merida Open 2023 has been sponsored by Akron. The top players watching in the Merida Open are Sloane Stephens, Mayar Sherif, and Zhu Lin. Akron Merida Open Prize money for the 2023 season has been announced.

Merida Open Prize Money 2023

Standings Singles Prize Doubles Prize
Winner $34.2k $12.4k
Runner-up $20.2k $7k
Semi Finalist $11.2k $4k
Quarter Finalist $6.4k $2.4k
Last of 16 $3.9k $1.8k
Last of 32 $2.8k
Qualifiers Round 2 $2k
Qualifiers Round 1 $1.3k
Total Prize Money $253k

The payout that is fixed for the Merida Open 2023 is $253k. The champion of the single player will receive a $34.2k prize, and doubles winners take $12.4k. 

According to the reports, the runner-up of the single round will get a $20.2k prize share, and the doubles runners-up will fill their hands with a $7k prize.

The single semi-final winner will receive $11.2k prize money, and the doubles semi-final champion will take a $4k prize share. 

Only single players who were eliminated in the first two stages of the qualifying tournament received prize money from those rounds.

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