All Time Canadian Premier League Winners in History

Canadian Premier League Winners

The Canadian Premier League is a professional men’s soccer league in Canada. It leads the Canadian soccer tournament structure and is the most well-liked local national football league in the nation.

Eight teams from 5 of Canada’s regions make up the league. The playoffs and CPL Finals come after the regular season, which comprises 28 matches for each team.

The winners would use their international slots from the Canadian Premier League to play in the CONCACAF League Cup or CONCACAF Championship.

Canadian Premier League Winners List

Year Winner Runners-Up
2023 TBC TBC
2022 Forge FC Atlético Ottawa
2021 Pacific FC Forge FC
2020 Forge FC HFX Wanderers FC
2019 Forge FC Cavalry FC

Forge FC has won three championships in the Canadian Premier League, making them the most successful side in the league.

The team won its first championship in 2019, second in 2020, and won its third title in 2022 by beating Atlético Ottawa, which was the fifth season.

Given that the Canadian Premier League was established to develop domestic players, Forge FC has raised its level even further by adding additional players, making it the strongest football team based in Canada.

Pacific FC defeated Forge FC in the final game to claim the Canadian Premier League 2021 edition title.

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Most-Time Canadian Premier League Winners

Wins Team
3 Forge FC
1 Pacific FC
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