Brisbane International Prize Money 2024

Brisbane International Prize Money 2024

The Brisbane International is a professional tennis competition that was founded in 2009. The tournament has been played on outdoor hard courts in Brisbane, Australia.

The tournament is a WTA Premier event, offering ranking points for both the WTA and ATP tours. The Brisbane International prize money 2024 has been revealed. 

Brisbane International Prize Money 2024

This year’s Brisbane International has $2.2 million total prize money. This year, $1.73 million is on offer for the WTA Tour and $661,585 for the ATP Tour.

ATP Singles & Doubles Payout

Rank ATP Singles ATP Doubles
Winner $95,340 $34,600
Runner-up $55,665 $18,000
Semifinal $32,800 $9,500
Quarterfinal $18,700 $5,310
Round 2 $11,000 $2,900
Round 1 $6,640 $1,620
Q2 $3,600
Q1 $2,000

The Brisbane International ATP Singles winner will receive a $95.3k prize share. The ATP Singles runner-up will take a $55.6k prize share from the total fund. The 3rd place player in the ATP Singles event will earn $32.8k prize money. The ATP Singles 4th place will be awarded with a $18.7k. 

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The ATP Doubles champions will get a handsome amount of $34.6k each. The ATP Brisbane International Doubles finalists will receive a $18k payout each. The ATP Doubles third-place players will fill their pockets with a $9.5k prize share.

WTA Singles & Doubles Payout

Rank WTA Singles WTA Doubles
Winner $220,000 $73,000
Runner-up $135,000 $45,039
Semifinal $79,000 $26,100
Quarterfinal $38,000 $13,320
Round 2 $20,400 $10,518
Round 1 $14,000 $8,000
Q3 $12,200
Q2 $10,300
Q1 $5,200

The WTA Singles champion will be awarded a nice payout of $220k, and the runner-up will receive a $135k prize. The WTA Singles 3rd place will get $79k, and the 4th place will get a $38k prize share.

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The WTA Brisbane International Doubles each will get a $73k prize share. The Doubles runner-ups will receive a $45k prize fund. The Doubles 3rd-place players will earn a $26k prize. The 4th place players will take a $13,320 payout.

Brisbane International Prize Money History

Year ATP Payout WTA Payout
2024 $661,585 $1,736,763
2020 $1,458,900
2019 $527,880 $912,840
2018 $468,910 $908,326
2017 $437,380 $903,513
2016 $404,780 $898,674
2015 $439,405 $894,053
2014 $452,670 $889,642
2013 $436,630 $887,498
2012 $434,250 $586,300
2011 $422,300 $196,750
2010 $372,500 $196,750
2009 $433,000 $196,750
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