BPL 2023 Prize Money Distribution & How Much Will Winner & Runner-Ups Get?

BPL 2023 Prize Money

The 9th season of Bangladesh Premier League is currently underway and runs through 16, Feb 2023. This is the big local cricket league in Bangladesh. The league has gained considerable international fame.

Fans have many grievances with the tournament authorities, and BCB can make things better. BCB has increased the prize money for the 2023 season as compared to the previous year. The Bangladesh Cricket Board has revealed the BPL 2023 prize money.

Compare BPL 2023 Prize Money to Previous Year

The BPL 2022 total prize money was 1.5 million. The Winner got $850k and the runner-ups received $350k. The 3rd spot team earns $300k and the $150k gives to the 4th spot.

But, this year BCB increased the up to the enormous amount of prize money of BPL 2023. This year the total money that will be distributed to the team is 2.25 million.

BPL prize money for the champion team in the years 2016 to 2021 was $850k, Now because of new sponsors and television rights, the victors will now receive payments up to $1 million.

PositionTeamPrize MoneyPrize Money 2022
3rd Place1$300k$200k
4th Place1$250k$150k
Man of the Match1$1000$500
Man of the Tournament1$5000$5k
Total Prize Money$2.25m1.5m

BPL 2023 Prize Money in Taka

HonorPrize Money in 2023Prize Money in 2022
Winner2 Crore BDT1 Crore BDT
Runners-Up1 Crore BDT50 Lac BDT
Man of the Tournament10 Lac BDT1 Lac 70 Thousand BDT
Man of the Match1 Lac BDT42.5 Thousand BDT

BPL 2023 Prize Money in Indian Rupees

PositionPrize Money in INR
Winner1.53 Crore INR
Runner-Ups77 Lac INR
Player of the Tournament7.67 Lac INR
Player of the Match77 Thousand INR

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How Much Will Prize Winner & Runner-Up Teams Get in BPL 2023?

The winning team in the Bangladesh Premier League 2023 would get $1m. It is a huge amount of cash.

It has significantly increased as compared to the winner’s prize from the previous season. The winning team of the BPL season of 2023 will get a total of $1m, which will be distributed equally among the entire team and personnel.

According to reports, in previous years Bangladesh Premier League earned $46 million. The winning team will not receive less prize than $1 million, according to revised revenue share details.

The side that loses the 2023 BPL final game will be crowned runners-up and receive a large amount of $500k. In comparison to the previous BPL season 2022, the prize money for the runner-up has also increased.

All of the players and staff members of the team that loses in the last game of the BPL 2023 will also receive an equal share of the $500k.

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How Much Will Prize 3rd & 4th Teams Get in BPL 2023?

In BPL 2023, the 3rd place team will receive $300k prize money and the fourth spot team earns a $250k prize.

In the BPL’s 2022–24 season, every man of the match receives a fixed $500 prize per game with a possible $1000 payout. The winner of the competition’s $5k prize was also made public by the man.

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