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Biggest Win in T20 World Cup History By Run Margin

Biggest Win in T20 World Cup by Run Margin

We have created the list of Biggest Win In the T20 World Cup By Run Margin. Sri Lanka recorded the biggest win in the T20 World Cup by 172 runs against Kenya. By 130 runs, the second-largest victory in the T20 World Cup was against Scotland.

Biggest Win in T20 World Cup History

Year Team Target Margin Against
2022 South Africa 206 104 runs B.A.N.
2021 Afghanistan 191 130 runs SCOT
2021 Bangladesh 182 84 runs P.N.G.
2014 West Indies 167 84 runs P.A.K.
2012 England 197 116 runs A.F.G.
2012 India 171 90 runs ENG
2012 Sri Lanka 183 82 runs Z.I.M.
2009 South Africa 211 130 runs SCOT
2009 New Zealand 199 83 runs I.R.E.
2009 Pakistan 176 82 runs N.E.D.
2007 Sri Lanka 261 172 runs Kenya
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