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What Are The Asia Cup Rules And Regulations 2023

Asia Cup Rules And Regulations

Since the inaugural edition of the Asia Cup, there have been some Asia Cup rules and regulations, and some modifications are being made over time. But, the most crucial decision by ICC is that the Asia Cup will be played in two formats: ODI and T20.

This year, these teams will play India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan; the last one is yet to be selected. So, everyone is waiting for the thrilling matches as they will be played in the T20. 

There are some rules and regulations of the Asia Cup that have been modified this year, which MCC makes. These modifications are made to make international cricket more controlled. So, in this article, we will briefly describe all of them.

Asia Cup Rules And Regulations

Following are some of the rules and regulations that have been modified:

1: Batsman Return

After the batsman has been caught, the other batsman will come to the striker’s end.

2: Dead Ball

If any ball has been distracted or disadvantaged by anything, such as any animal, person, etc., that ball will be called a dead ball.

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3: Ball to The Striker’s End

This ball will be called a dead ball if the bowler attempts to run right after the striker before the delivery stride entrance.

4: How to Judge a Wide?

Broad will be judged or applied wherever the batsman stands in the place of the striker since the bowler starts to run.

5: Striker’s Right

This rule has been modified for the batsman, like if the ball is away from him and if the batsman can hit it, then he can, as MCC now permits it.

6: Unfair Movement

If any unfair movement is witnessed from the fielding, they will be awarded almost five runs from them.

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7: Running out From the Side of the Striker

This rule has not been modified because the bowler has the right, and he is allowed to run out the batsman if it is possible.

8: No use of Saliva

According to the new rules by MCC, it is not allowed to use Saliva. Before this, it was also banned during the time of Covid because of safety measures.


These modified rules and regulations must be followed during the Asia Cup; otherwise, strict actions will be taken against players who won’t follow them.  

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