Aramco Saudi Ladies International Payout 2023

Saudi Ladies International Prize Money

A forthcoming Ladies PGA tour event is the Saudi Ladies International. The is now sponsored by “Aramco,” which is one of the largest oil companies. It’s one of the highest costly women’s golf competitions. It will take place at Saudi Arabia’s Royal Greens and Country Club. Here, we have discussed the Saudi Ladies International Prize Money for 2023.

In the PIF Saudi International powered by SoftBank Investment Advisers on the Asian Tour, women will now compete for the same prize share as men. This prize pool will be the 3rd largest in the Ladies European Tour.

Golf Saudi’s Deputy President and CEO Majed Al-Sorour stated that: ” after 3 successful seasons of the Saudi Ladies Int’l. We are excited to have an equal payout to the women golfers from the men in 2023. This is part of our plans to attract the finest players around the world & encourage domestic talent”

Saudi Ladies International Prize Money 2023

The payout for the 2023 Aramco Saudi Ladies International season has increased five times as to the previous year. So, golfers at Royal Greens Golf and Country Club will be competing for a total $5m prize pool.

The winner will receive $750k  from that and the runners-up will get a $450k prize share.

Given the massive financial incentive, the tournament has a 120-player field that includes many of the finest golfers in the world, including six of the top 10 and 13 Major champions.

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Position Prize Money
Champion $750,000
Runner-up $450,000
3rd $300,000
4th $225,000
5th $180,000
6th $155,000
7th $140,000
8th $125,000
9th $120,000
10th $115,000
11th $110,000
12th $105,000
13th $100,000
14th $95,000
15th $90,000
16th $87,500
17th $85,000
18th $82,500
19th $80,000
20th $77,500
21st $74,000
22nd $71,500
23rd $69,000
24th $66,500
25th $64,000
26th $61,500
27th $58,500
28th $56,000
29th $53,500
30th $51,000
31st $49,000
32nd $46,500
33rd $44,500
34th $43,000
35th $41,500
36th $40,000
37th $38,400
38th $37,000
39th $35,500
40th $34,000
41st $32,500
42nd $31,000
43rd $29,500
44th $28,000
45th $27,000
46th $26,000
47th $25,000
48th $24,000
49th $23,500
50th $23,000
51st $22,000
52nd $21,000
53rd $20,000
54th $19,500
55th $18,500
56th $17,000
57th $16,500
58th $16,000
59th $15,500
60th $15,000
61st $14,500
62nd $14,000
63rd $13,500
64th $13,000
65th $12,500
66th $12,000

Saudi Ladies International Prize Money 2020 to 2023

Year Winner Share
2023 $750,000
2022 $145258
2021 $138972
2020 $136281

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