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Which Players Are Most Ducks in the T20 World Cup History

Most Ducks in the T20 World Cup History

In this article, we discuss a record related to batters that they do not want to make and don’t want to add their name to this record. There are two leading roles in cricket: the batmans and the other bowlers. Both batsmen and bowlers try to make any record in the game by showing their best performance.

Any batter wants to make the highest score and smash the ball out of the boundary. But Some days are bad for batters; they try to make the most runs, but the bowlers bowl them on zero scores. This moment is considered the most embarrassing for the player.

We have created a list of the most ducks in the t20 world cup history. In our list, the top player is shahid Afridi who holds the most ducks in the t20 world cup record.

List of Most Ducks in the T20 World Cup

Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi was famous for his longest boundaries and for hitting the ball harder. For his fantastic batting skills, he knows as “Boom Boom.” He played 34 matches in the world cup and five times made ducks in the t20 world cup.

TM Dilshan

In our list, the 2nd player who holds this record is Sri Lankan opener player Tm Dilshan. He took part in 35 innings in this competition and made five times ducks in the world cup. He played from 2007 to 2016 in the t20 world cup; he also won the golden bat award in the t20 world cup.

Check the complete list of most ducks in the t20 world cup below:

Players Mat Runs Ducks Team Years
Shahid Afridi 34 546 5 PAK 2007-2016
TM Dilshan 35 897 5 SL 2007-2016
LMP Simmons 14 339 4 WI 2009-2021
ST Jayasuriya 18 346 4 SL 2007-2010
AD Russell 22 158 4 WI 2012-2021
LJ Wright 22 439 4 ENG 2007-2012
A Nehra 10 0 3 IND 2010-2016
Tanwir Afzal 6 48 3 HKG 2014-2016
CS MacLeod 10 45 3 SCOT 2009-2021
RE van der Merwe 15 14 3 NED/SA 2009-2021
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