DP World ILT20 Prize Money 2023

ILT20 Prize Money

The ILT20 debuts in January 2023 with a normal revenue cap of $2.5m per team. Three of the six ILT20 franchises whose owners also own teams in the IPL. The 3 other franchises are owned by Lancer Capital and managed by Avram Glaze.

In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Sharjah, ILT20’s first tournament is taking place. International League T20 prize money for the first edition has been revealed. Let’s take a look at how to prize pool will share among the teams.

ILT20 Prize Money 2023

The cash prize total for the ILT20 season 2023 will be $1.3 million, with the winning team receiving $700k and the runner-up team receiving $300k.

Position Prize Money
Winners $700k
Runners-Up $300k
Total Prize Pool $1.3m

According to Mubashshir Usmani, General Secretary of the ECB. The ILT20 prize money for the 2023 edition has been declared, the league is extremely excited to announce this.

“We want strong competition between the teams and the athletes to win this prize pool. The first season of the ILT20 will come to a close on February 12 with a competition between the two finalist teams for the trophy and the winnings. I hope the best team wins.

ILT20 Awards

The ILT20 has been presenting 5 match awards and with every award winner receiving $15k. Below are the ILT20 awards names:

  • Player of the match
  • Skyexch.Net Super 4s of the match
  • DP World smart delivery of the day
  • Fairplay News’ biggest hit of the match
  • Sports buzz 11 Buzzmaker of the match

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Moreover, the Sportsbuzz 11 Buzzmaker, Fairplay News’ biggest hit, DP World Smart Bowler, and Skyexch.Net Super 4s will receive season honors during the competition. Following the final, each award winner will receive a cash prize of $15,000.

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