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ICC World Test Championship Points Table 2023

ICC World Test Championship Points Table 2023

The ICC established the World Test Championship to rekindle cricket fans’ interest in Test matches. The maiden season of the World Test Championship, in which New Zealand won the series by beating India in the final match.

ICC World Test Championship Points Table 2023

Nine strong teams compete in the current World Test Championship period, which spans from July 2021 to June 2023. Every team will play 6 series, 3 at home & three away. The top teams will move to the championship.

Sri Lanka1054106453.33
South Africa1476108852.38
West Indies1246205437.5
New Zealand1126303627.27

Points Distribution System For ICC WTC 2021-23

The top 2 teams move to the final match. Based on the ratio of points, teams will be ranked.

TypePPM% of points

ICC WTC 2021-2023 Points System

The World Test Championship’s point system for teams is as follows:

Every team will compete in six series, three of which will be at home and three outside of the home. If a squad won a match, they will receive 12 points. If the game is a tie, they will receive 4 points. When they lose, they will receive zero points.

The aggregate point will be used to determine the order of all the sides in the points table.

The top 2 sides in the points rankings will move to the ICC WTC final. This year’s ICC WTC will penalize teams for sluggish overrates. A slow-over bowled ball will result in a loss of one point.

ICC WTC 2021-2023 All Team Matches

The ICC WTC 2021 to 2023 will consist of 27 series with a total of 69 matches.

5New Zealand13
7South Africa15
8Sri Lanka13
9West Indies13


What is the Format of the WTC?

6nof the eight potential opponents for each of the 9 teams in the World Test Championship will be played, with three home and three away series for each team. every series may contain between 2 to 5 rounds, with a least two matches.

Is This a One-Off Cycle?

No. 2 years cycles are planned, with the first one running from 1 Aug 2019 to 30 Apr 2021. The 2nd one will take place between June 2021 to April 2023.

Are All Test Matches Part of the World Test Championship?

No, just the games contained in the WTC will be utilized to select the winner.

What About the ICC Test Team Rankings?

Every after season, the standings will carry on in the same manner. The ranking of the Tests will not affect the WTCs points system.

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