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ICC World Test Championship Prize Money 2021-23

ICC World Test Championship Prize Money

The final match of the ICC WTC will take place on 7 June to 11 June 2023 at Oval in London. The final game will play between  the India and Australia. Australia will topped the WTC rankings with 148 points if they defeating India in the final match.

ICC World Test Championship Prize Money

According to the ICC, the $3.8 million total payout will divide into the World Test Championship 2021-23. There is no change occurred in the total tournament payout. The total fund will be split among the nine teams.

The winner of the ICC WTC final will get a $1.6 million prize share. The runner-up of the WTC will take an $800k prize share. South Africa, which has taken 3rd Place, will receive a $450k prize share.

England has stood in 4th place in the standings so they will fill their pockets with a $350k prize share. Sri Lanka stood in 5th place so they will award a $200k prize share.

But New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies, and Bangladesh will load their pockets with a handsome payout of $100k.

Rank Team Payout
Winner Australia $1.6 million
Runner-Up India $800k
3rd Place South Africa $450k
4th Place England $350k
5th Place Sri Lanka $200k
6th Place New Zealand $100k
7th Place Pakistan $100k
8th Place West Indies $100k
9th Place Bangladesh $100k
Total Payout
$3.8 million
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