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How Much World Cup 2022 Teams Already Earn Money?

How Much World Cup 2022 Teams Already Earn Money

The FIFA World Cup, the most-watched soccer match, will begin in three days. Qatar set the scene for all games and any potential adjustments based on completing the security, stadiums, and staff facilities. FIFA revealed the World Cup 2022’s actual budget. Sources claim that $440 million was divided among the clubs, but the facts were different. How Much World Cup 2022 Teams Already Earn Money?

Comparison Between Last World Cups Participation Prize:

Tournament Total Money Prize Fund Teams
World Cup 2010 $32m $1m 32
WC 2014 $48m $1.5m 32
FIFA WC 2018 $48m $1.5m 32
FIFA World Cup 2022 $80m $2.5m 32

It has been announced that $80 million was paid to each of the 32 teams who made it to the world cup 2022. The $2.5 million will be split among the teams. The membership fees have massively increased; according to information from the 2010 World Cup, each team earned $1 million.

After a rise in 2018, this year’s world cup participation fees significantly increased. Each team received a $1.5 million early payout as a participation incentive in 2014 and 2018. Still, this year, before the crews arrived in Qatar, they would receive $2.5 million each, for a total of $80 million from the $440 million budgeted prize money.

The facts of the FIFA World Cup 2022 prize money revealed a year ago showed that it is one of the most lucrative competitions; the winning team will depart Qatar with $50 million, while the runners-up will earn a share of $32 million.

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