Top Highest Paid Canadian Premier League Players 2023

Highest Paid Canadian Premier League Players

Andreas Vaikla is the highest-paid player in the Canadian Premier League. At the age of 25, he play for the FC Edmonton team as a goalkeeper and earned £130,000 a year and £2,500 per week.

Jean-Aniel Assi who played for Cavalry FC is the second player who gets the highest salary in the CPL. The 17 years old Assi gets a £2,100 salary per week and £109,200 per annum.

The third highest-paid player in the Canadian Premier League is Karifa Yao. Karifa is from Canada and played for Cavalry FC as a defender. Yao makes £2,000 per week and earns £104,000 per year.

Highest Paid Canadian Premier League Players

NameTeamAgeYearly WageSalary per WeekPositionsCountry
Andreas VaiklaFC Edmonton25£130,000£2,500GKEstonia
Jean-Aniel AssiCavalry FC17£109,200£2,100AM RLCanada
Karifa YaoCavalry FC21£104,000£2,000DCCanada
Luke SinghFC Edmonton21£104,000£2,000DCTrinidad & Tobago
Sean ReaValour FC20£83,200£1,600AM CCanada
Billy ForbesValour FC31£78,000£1,500AM RLTurks & Caicos Is.
Jonathan SiroisValour FC21£57,200£1,100GKCanada
Daniel AscanioValour FC22£52,520£1,010AM RColombia
Kamron HabibullahPacific FC18£52,000£1,000AM LCCanada
Ballou TablaAtlético Ottawa23£47,320£910AM RLCanada
Abdou SissokoAtlético Ottawa32£37,960£730DM, M LCMali
Charlie TraffordCavalry FC30£36,400£700DMCanada
Kyle BekkerForge FC31£34,320£660AM CCanada
Carl HaworthAtlético Ottawa32£33,800£650D/WB/AM RCanada
Michael PetrassoYork United FC26£32,760£630D/WB/AM RCanada
Jérémy Gagnon-LaparéHFX Wanderers FC27£32,240£620D L, DMCanada
Aboubacar SissokoForge FC26£31,720£610DMMali
Ashtone MorganForge FC31£31,720£610D LCanada
Andrew Jean-BaptisteValour FC29£31,720£610D CHaiti
Marco BustosPacific FC26£31,720£610AM RLCCanada
Akeem GarciaHFX Wanderers FC25£31,720£610AM RLC, F CTrinidad & Tobago
Jordan HamiltonForge FC26£31,200£600STCanada
Aidan DanielsHFX Wanderers FC23£31,200£600M LCCanada
Lisandro CabreraYork United FC24£31,200£600STArgentina
Sergio CamusAtlético Ottawa25£31,200£600D RLCSpain
Joe MasonCavalry FC31£31,200£600AM/F CIreland
Maxim TissotAtlético Ottawa30£30,680£590D/WB/M LCanada
Dominick ZatorYork United FC27£30,160£580D RCCanada
Emery WelshmanForge FC30£29,640£570AM RL, STGuyana
Marco CarducciCavalry FC25£29,640£570GKCanada
Amer DidicPacific FC27£29,120£560D CCanada
Alex MarshallHFX Wanderers FC24£29,120£560AM RLCJamaica
Alessandro RiggiValour FC28£29,120£560AM LCCanada
Alexander Achinioti-JönssonForge FC26£29,120£560DMSweden
Andre RampersadHFX Wanderers FC27£29,120£560M CTrinidad & Tobago
Ben McKendryAtlético Ottawa29£28,600£550DMCanada
Bradley VlietCavalry FC24£28,600£550D/WB/AM LHolland
Brett LevisValour FC29£28,600£550D/M LCanada
Callum IrvingPacific FC29£28,080£540GKCanada
Chris NancoForge FC27£28,080£540AM RLCanada
David ChoinièreForge FC25£27,560£530AM LCCanada
Daryl FordyceValour FC34£27,560£530AM CN.Ireland
Drew BeckieAtlético Ottawa31£27,560£530D RC, DMCanada
Djenairo DanielsPacific FC20£27,560£530STHolland
Daan KlompCavalry FC23£27,560£530D RC, DMHolland
Diego GutiérrezValour FC25£27,560£530D/WB/AM RChile
Daniel KrutzenForge FC25£27,560£530D CBelgium
Eriks SantosHFX Wanderers FC26£27,040£520D LCBrazil
José EscalanteCavalry FC27£27,040£520AM LCHonduras
João MorelliHFX Wanderers FC25£27,040£520AM RC, F CBrazil

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