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FIFA World Cup 2022 Club Benefits Program

FIFA World Cup 2022 Club Benefits Program

What is the Benefits Program?

It’s a program that was created to honor the help of football teams. Football teams that contribute to the FIFA World Cup’s effective organization. The associated clubs get a small reward from the world cup host benefits program.
Through Member associations amount is given to the player’s clubs participating in World Cup. In 2008 European Club Association and FIFA set up a deal related to FIFA World Cup Club Benefits Program. It was created to honor the effort that football clubs made to the FIFA World Cup’s flawless production.

When Was the Program Made?

This program was founded before the 2010 South Africa FIFA World Cup. It was created after the partnership between the ECA and FIFA.

How Much Cash Set for FIFA World Cup 2022 Club Benefits Program

A total of $70 million was gained from the 2014 FIFA World Cup, while in 2010, it was US $40 million. The income given mainly depends on the total profit from World Cup.
In 2015 the FIFA World Cup Club Benefits program was updated, and according to new deals, the income amount was significantly increased. Each club will earn a fair percentage of $310 million for the 2018 or 2022 FIFA World Cups in Russia and Qatar.
The FIFA Professional Football Department is in charge of this procedure. But still, all process of income division is the same as in 2014.

Who Distributes the Benefit Share

This procedure is The contributions to which the club is eligible will be made through the Member Association. It will be handed to clubs once the successful World Cup is hosted. by the professional football division of FIFA.
Calculation & Distribution for Club Benefits Program
  • A total of 32 teams play in World Cup, and each section contains 23 players, meaning a total of 736 players participate in the FIFA World Cup.
  • 24,500 is the estimated average number of days of involvement.
  • The total share amount is divided by the days of the event—which conclusions in share per player per day around US $8,530.
  • This total gain of $8,530 is multiplied by every athlete spending days participating in the tournament even also includes two weeks before the first match of the World Cup.
  • Then, the total income of each player is given to the clubs for which they have been playing for the last couple of years.

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Payment Share With Clubs

FIFA designed a system that doesn’t permit a single continental transfer season. Instead, FIFA created the following table to compile a list of the clubs with which the regional team players were registered for two years.

graph of fifa world cup benefits program

2018 World Cup Payment Given to the Clubs at the 

Club Club Benefits Programme Fund
Real Madrid € 3,353,700
Manchester City € 3,199,100
Chelsea FC € 2,980,300
Barcelona FC € 2,701,500
Paris Saint Germain € 2,679,500
Tottenham Hotspurs € 2,629,100
Manchester United € 2,311,700
AS Monaco € 2,251,400
FC Bayern Munich € 2,145,900
Arsenal FC € 1,929,400
Juventus € 1,909,700
Atlético Madrid € 1,869,100
Al Hilal Riyadh € 1,819,000
Liverpool FC € 1,756,000
Leicester City € 1,662,100
FC Porto € 1,645,500
Benfica Lisbon € 1,638,200
Al-Ahli Jeddah € 1,626,500
El Ahly Cairo € 1,580,700
BVB Dortmund € 1,460,200
Inter Milan € 1,423,900
Borussia Monchengladbach € 1,325,400
Sporting Lisbon € 1,253,600
Locomotive Moscow € 1,195,600
SSC Naples € 1,193,200
AC Milan € 1,188,200
Zamalek SC € 1,046,700
Olympique Marseille € 1,039,100
FC Seville € 1,019,700
RSC Anderlecht € 988,700
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