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OCEAUNZ is the Official Match Ball of the FIFA Women’s World Cup

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Match Ball

Adidas has unveiled that OCEAUNZ is the official match ball for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. It is the 9th time Adidas has made the official FIFA Women’s World Cup match ball.

This ball has the same connected technology used in the Men’s world cup 2022 ball. This match ball is produced according to the core with the needs and speed of modern competition.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Match Ball

OCEAUNZ was grandly introduced in Sydney and Gadigal, Australia. The distinctive natural settings of the two host countries served as inspiration for OCEAUNZ’s design.

OCEAUNZ’s Match Ball features images that allude to Australia’s link to the Indian Ocean and the enormous mountains of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Both artists, Fiona Collis and Chern’ee Sutton, have given the ball design.

This ball represents the two host nations’ cultures. This Match Ball name has reflected Australia and New Zealand’s pairing as the competition’s hosts.

FIFA Secretary General stated that Adidas had made an iconic FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Match Ball that shows variety, inclusivity, and affection.

OCEAUNZ ball theme is best appropriate for the FIFA Women’s World Cup to be hosted by two nations from different confederations.

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The rich traditions of Australia and New Zealand, as reflected on OCEAUNZ, will undoubtedly improve the enjoyment of spectators and teams at this tournament.

OCEAUNZ Match Ball Features

CTR-CORE: The innovative core inside the ball boosts accuracy and reliability. In contrast, it allows quick, accurate play with its great shape and air absorption.

Ball Connected Technolgy: An inertial measurement unit motion detector has been set and stabilized by a suspension structure in the center of the ball.

It offers hitherto unattainable insight into every aspect of the ball’s motion. The rechargeable battery that powers the ball sensor is charged by induction.

SPEED-SHELL: Aerodynamics are improved by the ball’s polyurethane skin, which has large and small textures and has added a new 20-piece panel form.

The cutting-edge linked ball technology works with athlete location data and AI to support FIFA’s partially automated offside technology. This technology will provide quick details to Video Assistant officials for the correct decision-making.

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