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BBC and ITV FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule

BBC and ITV FIFA World Cup 2022 TV Schedule

Two state-owned accessible television networks in the UK are BBC and ITV. The FIFA World Cup 2022 broadcasting rights are split between both of them. As a result, these two networks will broadcast 64 live World Cup games. Both networks have already made their selections for the group stages of the competition and their telecasts plans.

BBC and ITV Fifa World Cup 2022 Tv Schedule

Twenty-four group games will each be live-streamed by ITV and BBC. Then eight knockout ties on each network follow.

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20-Nov BBC 3:00 PM Opening Ceremony
20-Nov BBC 4:00 PM Qatar vs. Ecuador
21-Nov ITV 10:00 AM Senegal vs. Netherlands
21-Nov BBC 1:00 PM England vs. Iran
21-Nov ITV 7:00 PM USA vs. Wales
22-Nov ITV 10:00 AM Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia
22-Nov ITV 1:00 PM Denmark vs. Tunisia 
22-Nov BBC 4:00 PM Mexico vs. Poland
22-Nov BBC 7:00 PM France vs. Australia
23-Nov ITV 10:00 AM Morocco vs. Croatia
23-Nov ITV 1:00 PM Germany vs. Japan
23-Nov ITV 4:00 PM Spain vs. Costa Rica
23-Nov BBC 7:00 PM Belgium vs. Canada
24-Nov ITV 10:00 AM Switzerland vs. Cameroon
24-Nov BBC 1:00 PM Uruguay vs. South Korea
24-Nov ITV 4:00 PM Portugal vs. Ghana
24-Nov BBC 7:00 PM Brazil vs. Serbia
25-Nov BBC 10:00 AM Wales vs. Iran
25-Nov BBC 1:00 PM Qatar vs. Senegal 
25-Nov ITV 4:00 PM Netherlands vs. Ecuador
25-Nov ITV 7:00 PM England vs. USA
26-Nov BBC 10:00 AM Tunisia vs. Australia
26-Nov ITV 1:00 PM Poland vs. Saudi Arabia
26-Nov ITV 4:00 PM France vs. Denmark 
26-Nov ITV 7:00 PM Argentina vs. Mexico
27-Nov ITV 10:00 AM Japan vs. Costa Rica
27-Nov BBC 1:00 PM Japan vs. Costa Rica
27-Nov BBC 4:00 PM Croatia vs. Canada
27-Nov BBC 7:00 PM Spain vs. Germany
28-Nov ITV 10:00 AM Cameroon vs. Serbia
28-Nov BBC 1:00 PM South Korea vs. Ghana
28-Nov ITV 4:00 PM Brazil vs. Switzerland 
28-Nov ITV 7:00 PM Portugal vs. Uruguay
29-Nov ITV 10:00 AM Ecuador vs. Senegal
29-Nov ITV 1:00 PM Netherlands vs. Qatar
29-Nov BBC 4:00 PM Iran vs. United States
29-Nov BBC 7:00 PM Wales vs. England
30-Nov BBC 10:00 AM Tunisia vs. France 
30-Nov BBC 1:00 PM Australia vs. Denmark
30-Nov BBC 4:00 PM Poland vs. Argentina
30-Nov BBC 7:00 PM Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico
1-Dec BBC 10:00 AM Canada vs. Morocco
1-Dec BBC 1:00 PM Croatia vs. Belgium
1-Dec ITV 4:00 PM Japan vs. Spain
1-Dec ITV 7:00 PM Costa Rica vs. Germany
2-Dec BBC 10:00 AM Ghana vs. Uruguay
2-Dec BBC 1:00 PM South Korea vs. Portugal
2-Dec ITV 4:00 PM Serbia vs. Switzerland
2-Dec ITV 7:00 PM Cameroon vs. Brazil

BBC & ITV Schedule for Knockout Matches

Both channels have only announced that they will live to stream only group-stage matches. By November 30, 2022, the knockout stage schedule and selections will be made public. While BBC has the option to choose in both the quarterfinal and semifinal phases, ITV can choose the first knockout match.

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