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Asia Cup 2023 Prize Money

Cricket Asia Cup Prize Money

Asia Cup 2023 Prize Money

The Asian cricket council has recently confirmed that the Asia cup for 2023 will be played in Pakistan from 2 September to 17th September. This year’s Asia cup is essential for all Asians as this is one of the best chances because it will be played in an ODI.

While in 2018, it was played in ODI international’s format. All the players will be able to prepare for the ICC cricket world cup, which will soon be held.

Another interesting fact is that the first edition of the Asia Cup in 1938 was even played in UAE. ACC is considered one of the most thrilling and huge tournaments usually played by almost six Asian teams.

The last time it was played in 2018, India became the champions, and they won huge prize money of nearly US$60,000, which was awarded to their captain.

How Much Will This Year’s Prize Money Be?

This tournament was about to be hosted in Srilanka, but it is facing a downfall nowadays, and they are not in a state to host any match. Srilankan cricket board told ACC they wouldn’t be able to handle the entire tournament as they are currently facing issues. 

 As you know, every year, the budget increases from the previous because sponsors pay more after the 2018 world cup because sponsors’ prize worth will be increased, and it is indeed a high-paying tournament in the world. This year the winning team will be awarded approximately USD 200,000, which is a lot. It will be distributed to the entire group, while the runner-ups will be awarded 100,000 USD.

Previously, in 2018 the amount was too lesser than this year’s amount awarded to MS Dhoni, captain of India. As India performed very well, another exciting thing to know about them is that they have won most tournaments of the Asia cup. The prize money for 2022 is a lot because it is the most awaited tournament ever played by six teams.

Almost six teams will be participating in the Asia cup that is already qualified India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. One team from Hong Kong, Kuwait, etc., will be eligible and join them. 

Who Is Expected to Win This Prize Money Among All the Teams?

Every nation supports its teams, but Pakistan is playing very well because last year in the Twenty world cup, they only lost one match against Australia after playing unbeatably throughout the tournament.

It is indeed a considerable achievement, and when it was India vs. Pakistan, Pakistan single-handedly won the match y ten wickets. Babar Azam (captain of Pakistan), as well as Rizwan, is playing very well as the entire team also. So, it is expected that Pakistan will take this prize money with it.

While the most anticipated and thrilling match between India and Pakistan is scheduled on 28th August 2022. Fans are incredibly excited about this match, and even before many days, all the tickets are being booked, which shows both nations’ love and respect for their country.


There are only a few days left in the tournament, and everyone is so excited about it and looking for the team who will win the cup and get awarded this prize money.

The champion group will get up to USD 200,000 rather than $60,000 like last time because of the increase in the prize pool. However, there might be many things or charges uncovered, but the total budget this year is USD 200,000.

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