PCB Offers PSL Franchises a Sample Auction Proposal

PCB Offers PSL Franchises a Sample Auction Proposal

The teams in the Pakistan Super League have received a proposal from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to use a player auction format (PSL). To draw big names, the PCB plans to implement an auction process similar to the IPL.

Suggestions have been produced and forwarded to the franchises in this regard. The event’s organizers think that many new stars can be added by using the auction format.

The team owners have indicated reluctance and would only respond after speaking with the chairman Ramiz Raja.

This concept was discussed during the recent operational meeting. Since new leagues are constantly signing contracts, two franchises questioned: Has PCB approached 10 to 12 stars for PSL?

The franchises also stated that it had been a league tradition that if a change is made, it is not adopted in the next edition as it may benefit certain clubs more. The franchises responded that nothing had happened yet.

Implementation will be possible in the ninth edition if the proposal is accepted at any time (2024).

It’s interesting to note that a meeting participant fervently interested in assuming the leadership of PSL was also ignorant of a crucial problem.

Franchise representatives corrected him, stating that the estimated sum was substantially larger. He was not aware of the production costs for the seventh edition and said they were too cheap.

Franchises have been emailing customers for five months, but they haven’t yet disclosed the costs associated with the seventh edition. How can they take such a significant move as introducing the auction model? They are also concerned because the PSL Governing Council hasn’t met in the past 10 months.

The board claims that Ramiz has prolonged his stay in the UK due to certain meetings regarding cricket.

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