“Will Contact Him”: World Cup Beckons for Ziyech

World Cup Beckons for Ziyech

Halilhodzic’s departure from the Moroccan football squad was announced last week. Three months before the World Cup began, the football association fired the 69-year-old. This was partially brought on by the trainer’s conflicts with some top players.

Hakim Ziyech is one of those elite athletes. Because the national coach and the former FC Twente player were unable to express their disagreement, Ziyech refused to represent his country. But now it appears that the attacking midfielder may win the World Cup. Halilhodzic must be replaced by Regragui.

The most likely candidate to serve as his deputy is Adil Ramzi, a former FC Twente player who is currently in charge of Jong PSV. “Of course, the association considers that there are six or seven Dutch players that are eligible for the World Cup selection, so I can play a significant role in that, in addition to my duty as a trainer,” the player said.

Ramzi desires to have Ziyech rejoin the team. “Hakim is a terrific human being and athlete, therefore I’d love to make sure he shines once more. Ziyech’s number is mine. I will get in touch with him once my appointment is official,” the trainer said in a statement to ESPN.

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